Friday, September 12, 2008


Johnny checked his weapons for a third time. His pistol was loaded. The shotgun would fit under his trench coat. He had hated moving to this podunk town with its jocks and cheerleaders. His mother disgusted him and he knew that this was the only way to release his rage.
He would show them how serious he was. And make them all pay. If it cost him his life he would not care in the slightest.
Soon he would be infamous.
The short walk to school invigorated him. With each step he saw his weapons tear into the student body and it made him smile.
We walked into the main hall as the school flooded with students and decided to pull out his shotgun to get everyone's attention. Before he could fire the weapon a bullet tore through his shoulder. Stunned he saw that at least fifty students were brandishing weapons as well as a few of the teachers and they were all aimed at him!
In seconds his body was riddled with lead sending him to the ground.
The last thing he saw was the face of the captain of the football team through a haze of red.
"Thought you'd come in here and be a whiny emo punk and start shooting up the place didn't you? Well, we don't take to kindly to that crap. Best defense is a good offense, right punk?"
The last sentence was punctuated by a bullet from the principal's .38 into Johnny's brain.