Monday, August 24, 2009


Though in the beginning there was Heaven and Earth, there was also Hades. God, in his omnipotent wisdom and merciful grace, was the Lord of his Heaven. Around him stood limitless columns of clouds, vast expanses of beauty, and complete un-Earthly forever as far as the faithful could see. This was perfection; this was what those who truly believed and honestly expected would find after they shuffled their mortal coil. It was to be All; it was to be Life Anew. It was Heaven, and it was breathless, exalted, and pristine love in all its completeness. But not all who knew and understood and believed would be granted admission.

Some had to be punished. Some had to learn from their mistakes. Some had to know Heaven only as an unachievable respite to their Purgatory in the insane depths of what only their most wicked nightmares to remotely conceive. For they had to be sent to the fires. They -the ones who turned a blind eye to the words of the Lord- must be tossed asunder to suffer endlessly in the burning, searing, relentless pits of the House of Hades. All hate, all wanton desire, all evil... it was thrust upon them as they lay about crying, weeping, pleading... it was forever. Even God; the Holy Spirit and embodiment of all things light and right, had to turn his back and let the ones who rightfully deserved to rot like fetid meat do so. And so Hell took on a population of its own.

He Who Sits On Ashen Throne; He who is called Satan... He looked upon the inky, smoldering depths of his inhuman home. His place as ruler of Hades was written long before there was a choice to make. But his Hell had grown fat with writhing, sinning, blasphemous, wretches and he had to make a choice. He would send forth an Army. A battalion of Hell Spawn to swarm about the Earth destroying lives and sending those innocent lives above, to where God had to deal with them. But how?

An amulet. A trinket of such outstanding and awesome power as to turn man and woman alike to quivering, lifeless husks. He would imbue it with all of the essence; all of the foreboding, filthy, anger of Hell and he would arm his minions with it. And they would scour the Earth, wreaking havoc as they marched their ill will throughout. And so the Amulet was born.