Saturday, July 19, 2008

REALLY? By Douglas Waltz

Samuel staggered down the main street of town. His favorite watering hole had forcibly ejected him fifteen minutes ago and he had been left to his own devices. He could go home, but driving was out of the question. Most of his cash had been whittled away at the bar so a cab was definitely out of the question. He decided to walk.
An all night coffee shop took the rest of his poor excuse for money in exchange for a cup of familiar, caffeinated warmth. He sipped in gingerly as he continued through he early morning hours to his apratment.
It was as he went under the viaduct that cruved to the left and took him closer to home that he heard the noise.
"Psst!" Came the urgent whipser.
Samuel turned around and looked and saw nothing. Maybe he had imagined the whole thing. Then he heard it again.
This time he was able to focus on an individual coming out of the shadows under the bridge. A tall, pale figure with an incredibly wide smile dressed in a long, flowing, black coat. The shadows seemed to carress him as he walked forward.
Samuel panicked at first, but the smile was disarming and he relaxed. The figure glided up to him smiled and said;
"Guess what?"
Samuel shook his head.
"The world is going to end in fifteen seconds."
Samuel thought about that for about ten seconds, looked to see if the person was kidding and said;

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