Saturday, August 9, 2008

LESSONS by Douglas A. Waltz

The four youths surrounded the house. Armed with makeshift weapons their plan was simple.
Torture and kill the family inside the house.
There was the mother, father and that adorable little girl with the blonde pigtails. She would be the most fun.
They had cut the phone wires. Now it was time to act.
Brutus, the biggest of the lot, crashed through the front door with a roar.
His head disappeared with a spray of red as the father’s shotgun blasted from the darkness.
Sirens from police cars filled the air.
One of the officers leaped from the car and went to greet the father.
"Stupid bastards," the cop grinned at the man.
"Guess they never heard of cell phones or the right to bear arms did they?" The father answered.
They both jumped as they heard a gun go off. One of the deputies smiled at them. Gore seeped from the young man’s head that lolled freely on the ground.
“Thought he had a gun.”
The head officer at the scene smiled.
“Looks like they were all armed, doesn’t it?”
The last two youths, both young girls had their screams cut short by the loud retort of the policemen’s weapons.
The father was joined outside by his young daughter who rubbed the sleep from her eyes.
“Daddy, what happened?”
“People with no respect came to our house, sweetie.”
She surveyed the carnage and smiled.
“Will they all go to Heaven?”
“Probably not,’ he ruffled her blonde locks.
Everyone laughed.

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